Bring Your Relationships To Life

Relationships fall into the categories of either friends or acquaintances depending upon the connection. There must be a level of vulnerability in the connection which leads to sharing hearts with each other. The rewards become exponential for those who are prepared to be connected both ways. Your relationship with your spouse, children, work colleagues or God for that matter, must be a two way or both way connection. If it's not, it ultimately wanes and becomes just another acquaintance.


Can you imagine your spouse becoming an acquaintance! …… it’s more common than you may think!

When one uses the word vulnerability most people proceed with caution because of the fear of the consequences. The word consequence is another word we naturally avoid as it generally has a negative connotation. Here's the thing; to have a meaningful connection you need to be vulnerable. When you learn from your life experiences, these will teach you the wisdom and show you how to share your heart. Relationships are always measured by the reality of the connection they reciprocate. The connection you will experience in your relationship, good or bad, will be determined by the wisdom of what you share and your vulnerability. 

This is where my coaching expertise can serve you.